Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The New Leading Technology

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Global era makes many people need the technology gadgets which can help them with their job and activity. Every year, the new innovative gadgets were made and published in the entire world. This year’s innovative gadget is the android tablet. This tablet is operated with the android system which will make this product smarter and more complete than the other multimedia gadget. Many innovative gadgets were produced by many gadget companies. For the android tablet, many gadget companies compete to produce this kind of gadget. Because of its slim model and light weight, this new gadget becomes the favorite for the customer.

the android tablet provides the internet searching tools as its application. When people need some information, they will find it in through the internet connection. Internet becomes the leading media to find information in this modern era. It will be easy if you can access it anywhere and anytime. Since this tablet is slim and light, you can bring it everywhere you go. When you need urgent information, you just have to turn on the android tablet and search it using the internet searching tool which installed in this tablet pc.

This tablet pc trend is beginning with the launching of tablet pc from one of the famous gadget company which always produces many products which usually become the new trend all over the world. Owning the android tablet may be the pride for some people. It will prove that those people are modern. Although this tablet pc was produced by many gadget companies, the price is not too cheap for the middle class people. The price of this tablet pc can be more than $330. Maybe that is can be classified into cheap gadget for the developed countries costumer, but in the evolved countries it can be the expensive one. the android tablet may be the expensive thing for the people in that evolved country.

Indonesia can be classified as the evolved country in the world. In Indonesia, gadget becomes the luxurious thing to have. In this country, the people purchase many kinds of gadget to prove their wealth. There will be a distant which can be seen from that behavior. the android tablet is one of the gadget which become the gauges. This behavior can be the cause of disunity in Indonesia. To erase the distance, the local gadget company produces the android tablet which has the same features with the usual tablet pc. This local android tablet is cheaper than the usual android tablet.

Since it is just a local android tablet, the qualities of the materials are lower than the usual tablet pc. If you want to purchase the android tablet from the local company, you will get it with the lower price, but you must understand that this product is made in the lower quality. But, if you want to the high quality android tablet, you must choose the usual android tablet with the expensive price. Since the price is expensive, the quality of the android tablet is the high quality. So it is depend on your own need, you can choose the cheap or the expensive one.



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