Saturday, 17 September 2011

Android Tablet in the World

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Gadget world is getting more complete and sophisticated with the android tablet. This gadget is small computer to carry around anywhere you go. This is really different with laptop or note book as the most common mobile computer. When the other has two parts of monitor and keyboard, the android tablet only have monitor part. Because it is single and compact device, it is more slim and light than other mobile computer.

The function of the android tablet is similar with other computer. It can be use to keep data, open it, make any change, editing, and save it. This can be use to as multi media player to play music and video in various formats. The android tablet gives you anything computer offer you with more easily to carry and stylish look to support your mobilization in fashion.

The android tablet is compact device with single screen size without any physical keyboard, unlike the other type of computer. But it doesn’t mean you cannot get the function of keyboard or type anything in the android tablet. It has virtual keyboard, you can use it anytime you need to type or use other keyboard function. But of course with virtual keyboard you will get limited view on the screen for other data, and for some work, especially in the office with more creating and editing work it can be problem. And it is only suitable for mobility with less data creating and editing which need little screen space.

The android tablet is support network to allow internet connection. And this is actually the key of modern gadget, because you are living in online world everyday and more people are depending on internet. In the android tablet, you can open email, compose email; send email, social networking, chatting, browsing, play online game, etc. Maybe you think that your Smartphone can do better than the android tablet, because it can make a call, messaging, taking picture and video call. But if you look it once more, the screen size is really different with the android tablet. So if you need larger screen, especially on the meeting or you need to see picture clearly, you will need the android tablet.

The other use of the android tablet is for digital menu on the restaurant. Commonly restaurant use printed menu, but as the high technology development, restaurant can change the print with the android tablet to show the menu to the customer. This is very modern look to attract more customers to come and try the digital menu and this is really useful to help customer order the food and the restaurant to deliver the food. With digital menu, restaurant can keep pictures and information inside the tablet and customer will easily see it on the screen. It usually complete with searching tool, to search certain menu without struggle with the list. The networking system in the android table is what make digital menu best, because customer use the tablet to order the menu without calling any waitress and the restaurant worker will receive the order instantly. They can also use the chat features for any question and extra order about the food or other service in the restaurant. The android tablet for digital menu is the 21st century restaurant.



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