Friday, 4 March 2011

Know your Tablet PC

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The era of tablet PCs starting from the idea of Steve Jobs with Apple iPad production. Many have predicted that the keyboard touch will not be able to replace the hardware keyboard. Sales of the Apple iPad prove that all is not true. Finally, the tablet PC product from other brands to follow Apple by releasing the tablet PC. Tablet PC attack customers and consumers confused to choose the best tablet PC.

Why you should choose a Tablet PC than a laptop

  1. High mobility, if the laptop is a portable computer that can be taken anywhere, tablet PCs could be more portable. Why? The size of a thinner and no hardware keyboard makes the tablet PC portability.
  2. Feel the different sensation, of course you do not need a mouse or keyboard to operate the tablet PC because the mouse functions are replaced by a touchscreen and a keyboard that has been replaced with a virtual keyboard.
  3. Maximum multimedia, the tablet PC is usually already provide video player application, music player, image storage, even game developers are competing to make games for a tablet PC that typically you have to pay to play it.
  4. A good Internet network, typically the internet connection functions on tablet PCs is of considerable concern because mobile browsing is also used as the reliability of any tablet PC so that browsing speed would be considered consumers.
Tablet PC is not just the iPad. Classification Tablet pc is :

  1. Tablet PC with IOS for Operating System is the iPad. Many have mistakenly thought iPad and tablet PCs are different, it's really just the same. Tablet PC refers to the type,while the IPAD is the output of Apple's tablet PC.
  2. Tablet PC Android, you might be confused because there is no tablet PC called Android. Of course no because Android is an Operating System. This android operating system open source and developed by many vendors in the world like Samsung, LG, MOTOROLA, etc.. So the tablet PC that you are looking for is not Android branded but branded vendors with the Android operating system..
  3. Tablet PC with bbOS operating system are Playbook. RIM said that the Playbook will be launched Indonesia's second quarter.
  4. Tablet PC Windows 7, many vendors also use the Windows Operating System 7 but Android still more because it is not open source. Operating System Windows 7 to the tablet PC is not so popular among users due to erosion of tablet PCs and tablet users iPad Android.

But a tablet PC still can not replace the laptop because the tablet PC can not do the programming because the specifications are not qualified to do that:). Tablet PCs in addition to technology trends is also a fashion trend.



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